Boise's House

I'm so excited that you want to host a house concert! 

Putting it all together can be simple:

  • Use the contact form to tell me where you are and what sort of a venue we're talking about (living room, barn, backyard etc..) I'll connect with you to work out the timing and details very soon.

  • Once we have confirmed our date, invite your friends that would love an evening of great music! 20 people is about the minimum to make it feel like a proper event, so that usually means inviting more. Ask people to RSVP to the event, so you know how many to expect.

  • Make it clear in your invitation that the performance is donation based.

Here is an example invitation:

Dear Friends, 

I am excited to invite you to an evening of great music featuring Kyra Gordon. Kyra is a storied and accomplished singer, having sang her way from LA, to West Virginia, to Paris, and back home to Oakland, with many stops along the way. Most recently she has been back in the Bay Area working on numerous musical projects.  From the music of Janis Joplin, to original music, to blues, funk, and sing-alongs, there is sure to be something for everyone.  You can check her out at

She will be travelling all over the USA this summer, performing in people's homes. The concerts are donation based, so please come prepared to make a donation after the show. 

RSVP, and I look forward to seeing you!

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