Kyra Gordon has just released the music video for her fiery single “Burn It Down,” a mix of Americana and alternative country driven by a resounding message of female empowerment. The video, which was entirely created and produced with AI, paints with a palette of contradictory warm and cool tones. It is just the beginning of a new age of entertainment and engineering.

In the video, a woman finds sparks in unlikely places (an ember she can hold in her hand in the night while all alone, a match she watches flicker in a desolate hallway), interspersed with scenes of a dark-coated partner who appears distant. Symbolism is clear as scenes mirror Gordon’s powerful lyrics and invigorating voice. When the woman finally sets her home ablaze, the cooler colors turn into shades of orange, yellow, and red. The woman raises her arms in victory outside of the wreckage, seemingly free from the unfulfilling life that was left inside.

Gordon took her inspiration from the divorces of many of her female friends, hoping to create a track that would leave them feeling like they could take back their own narrative. When she sings, “Burn it down, burn it down, in my own wedding gown,” the listener can hear her emotion. She asserts her strength in the power behind her voice, deriving a sense of strength from the stories of those around her, and their own transformations.

“This anthem is for women who’ve decided they deserve more, even if it means giving it to themselves,” shares her producer Rachel Efron. “I hope after they listen to this song, they feel their power.”

Gordon is set to expand upon this new sound, a move away from her jazz roots, with the June 2024 EP ‘Traveler.’