Kyra Gordon has just released the music video for her fiery single “Burn It Down,” a mix of Americana and alternative country driven by a resounding message of female empowerment. The video, which was entirely created and produced with AI, paints with a palette of contradictory warm and cool tones. It is just the beginning of a new age of entertainment and engineering.

In the video, a woman finds sparks in unlikely places (an ember she can hold in her hand in the night while all alone, a match she watches flicker in a desolate hallway), interspersed with scenes of a dark-coated partner who appears distant. Symbolism is clear as scenes mirror Gordon’s powerful lyrics and invigorating voice. When the woman finally sets her home ablaze, the cooler colors turn into shades of orange, yellow, and red. The woman raises her arms in victory outside of the wreckage, seemingly free from the unfulfilling life that was left inside.

Gordon took her inspiration from the divorces of many of her female friends, hoping to create a track that would leave them feeling like they could take back their own narrative. When she sings, “Burn it down, burn it down, in my own wedding gown,” the listener can hear her emotion. She asserts her strength in the power behind her voice, deriving a sense of strength from the stories of those around her, and their own transformations.

“This anthem is for women who’ve decided they deserve more, even if it means giving it to themselves,” shares her producer Rachel Efron. “I hope after they listen to this song, they feel their power.”

Gordon is set to expand upon this new sound, a move away from her jazz roots, with the June 2024 EP ‘Traveler.’


EARMILK Feature: Kyra Gordon shares fierce and passionate number “Burn It Down”

EARMILK Feature: Kyra Gordon shares fierce and passionate number “Burn It Down”

Genre-bending singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon shares fierce and passionate number “Burn It Down,” bringing a combination of country, folk, and rock with an Americana twang as she weaves a tale of freedom from a troubling relationship.

Coming to life as an empowering anthem, the track is led by raw yet soulful vocals that float over alt-country soundscape. Embracing a theme of heartbreak with a powerful confidence, the track flips the “revenge country song” trope on its head as it unfurls the story of a woman scorned who rises above it all.

A peek at her upcoming EP Traveler, the track sees a departure from her signature jazz-tinged musicality and hones in on her storytelling abilities as she allures us with her fighting spirit and sweet heart.

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Kyra Gordon shares fierce and passionate number “Burn It Down”

MUSIC CROWN FEATURE: Kyra Gordon seeks revenge in “Burn It Down”

MUSIC CROWN FEATURE: Kyra Gordon seeks revenge in “Burn It Down”

Kyra Gordon makes revenge sound fun in her latest track “Burn It Down,” recorded with producer Rachel Efron and released on Starita Records. She blends Americana and classic, female-led country throughout the song, showcasing not only her powerhouse vocals but her writing abilities.

Gordon is known for her live work, particularly her “House Concert” series. Her previous, jazz-centric work (Soul of a Showgirl) holds the same confidence of her upcoming project Traveler, with a different sound. Efron worked with Gordon on both projects, but finds “Burn It Down” to be particularly special. Gordon says, “We started talking about the genre of country revenge songs, and that helped me realize that I didn’t want the character in the song to be just angry at ‘him,’ but that she was in a real state of determination and rebirth as well, and that felt really important to me.”

Burn It Down’ was more aggressive than anything we’d done before,” Efron shares. “It meant she got to explore a new vocal approach — direct and unprettied. I love how Kyra’s fighting spirit and sweet heart comes through in this song.”

FAME MAGAZINE Premiere: Kyra Gordon shares fiery anthem ‘Burn It Down’

FAME MAGAZINE Premiere: Kyra Gordon shares fiery anthem ‘Burn It Down’

Kyra Gordon captivates and glows with her latest track Burn It Down. Tony Award-winning actor, rapper, and songwriter Daveed Diggs praises the song for its infectious energy that makes you want to “blare it in the car, windows rolled down, singing at the top of your lungs.” This latest release showcases Gordon’s dynamic and potent vocal abilities, affirming her remarkable range and talent.

Released via Starita Records, Burn It Down is a genre-defying gem by the singer-songwriter known for her captivating storytelling and soul-stirring performances. Tracy Nelson, the legendary American country and blues singer, sums up the sentiment around Gordon’s latest offering with a simple yet profound observation: “As usual, Kyra burns it up. Yin Yang.”

Gordon’s journey in the music industry has been marked by her unique ability to blend various musical styles, creating her own signature sound. With Americana twang, Burn It Down weaves together country, folk, and rock influences, presenting a modern-day anthem of liberation and empowerment. The song tells the story of a woman breaking free from a troubling relationship, echoing the fierce spirit of Miranda Lambert with Gordon’s raw and soulful vocal delivery.

This track is a bold departure from Gordon’s jazz-focused roots, signaling a new direction towards alternative country. Inspired by the personal experiences of her close friends, Gordon crafts a narrative that transcends the typical revenge song trope, offering instead a tale of determination and rebirth. Collaborating with producer Rachel Efron, Gordon found the perfect balance in the song’s lyrics between anger, grief, and unwavering strength.


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She shares, “Rachel (Efron, producer) and I talked a lot about the evolution of this song, and it took me a while to find the right balance in the lyrics of anger, grief, and determination. We started talking about the genre of country revenge songs, and that helped me realize that I didn’t want the character in the song to be just angry at ‘him,’ but that she was in a real state of determination and rebirth as well, and that felt really important to me.”

Efron, returning from their successful partnership on Gordon’s debut album Soul Of A Showgirl, brought a fresh perspective that allowed Gordon to explore new vocal techniques and emotional depths. Burn It Down features a blend of “chimey” guitars and distinctive beats, all harmonizing to highlight Gordon’s dynamic voice. The chorus, “Burn it down, burn it down, in my own wedding gown, open eyes, still alive, blood and bone,” is a powerful call to resilience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

This song sets the stage for Gordon’s forthcoming EP, Traveler, anticipated to drop in June 2024, hinting at the further development of her distinctive musical style and narrative skill. The skilled group of musicians and engineers involved in the creation of Burn It Down guarantees that each melody and verse resonates with the emotional depth and intensity intended.

Burn It Down serves as an anthem for women everywhere who have decided they deserve better and are ready to claim it. Kyra Gordon, through her evocative lyrics and compelling melodies, invites her audience to feel their power and embrace their own stories of determination and renewal.

 7 February 2024

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FM premiere. Kyra Gordon shares fiery anthem ‘Burn It Down’

Pop Culture Classics: May 2022

Pop Culture Classics: May 2022


Berkeley, California-based singer-songwriter Kyra Gordon proves on “Soul of a Showgirl,” her debut album of original material, that she has plenty of soul, as well as abundant eloquence, a gift for memorable melodies and a stirring voice. Whether powerfully passionate or gently reflective, Gordon brings an engaging honesty and sincerity to her beautiful Americana compositions.

It’s been a long and winding road taking Gordon to this auspicious debut, including stops in Oakland, New Orleans, Hollywood and North Carolina. She studied at several schools, including California Jazz Conservatory. She produced and starred in the one-woman show “Loving Janis,” an homage to both Janis Joplin and Janis Ian.

Decades of experience and dedication have paid off in a sparkling album, displaying her songwriting and performing prowess. In addition to her impressive vocals, Gordon plays keyboards.

On the title track, “Soul of a Showgirl,” she sings, “I was born with the love of lights” and “I’ll sing a song, I’ll dance for you, reach out your hand, I’ll pull you through.” But she makes clear in the song, not everyone can relate to or accept an artist’s overriding fervor for a creative pursuit. In her own quest, nothing was going to stop Gordon.

Gordon offers a disarming poignancy in the sympathetic “Bravest One,” an inspiring tribute to a resilient friend. “Who The Hell” simmers in bluesy style.

Blues legend Tracy Nelson joins Gordon on the moving tale of “Laredo Slim,” a tribute to a fellow musical artist, the late Powell St. John. There’s a sigh-inducing country lilt to the spiritual encounter described in “Doppelganger Angel.” “Emotional Pirate” reflects Gordon’s harrowing time in a cultish artists’ commune.

Other outstanding tracks include “Greetings from East Texas,” “Tender Hearts” and the exhilarating “Big City Lights,” But there isn’t a weak cut on this album. Listeners will embrace each and every one.

Kudos to producer Rachel Efron, another of the Bay Area’s finest singer-songwriters, for achieving such an eminently pleasing sound with this record. She helps give strong identity to each of Gordon’s distinctive songs. Gordon and Efron understand just when to insert instruments like organ, harmonium and harmonica to complement the guitars, bass and drums.

With this, her first album of her own compositions, Kyra Gordon instantly establishes herself as an artist whose work is well worth exploring.

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Hi- Res Edition Review: April 22, 2022

Kyra Gordon – Soul of a Showgirl – 2.0 CD review – by Wesley Derbishire

What happens when the journey of a young musician has led them from Hollywood to New Orleans to a rural North Carolina commune and onward to Paris? This is the long road that Kyra Gordon took as she belted out Janis Joplin hits in a one-woman show, earned a conservatory degree interpreting jazz standards, and spent several years in the improvisational hip-hop group ‘The Freeze’ that has fueled her outstanding debut album “Soul of a Showgirl.”

Throughout the album the music flows with stories of her footloose life as the Berkeley vocalist, songwriter and pianist vividly expands on insights she has gleaned along the way. What immediately struck me is Gordon’s rich, multi-hued voice that is filled with luscious dynamics and passion. Soul of A Showgirl is Gordon’s first album featuring her own original material, introducing her as a songwriter with an outsized gift for setting emotional lyrics to well-crafted melodic hooks.

Evoking the sound of high energy rockers before her such as John Cougar Mellencamp and Tom Petty Gordon blasts in at the start on “I Love You,” followed by a set of tunes that goes beyond americana, stretching into country, folk, blues, and ballots. Her sensitive and distinct vocals carry the songs over top of her well-arranged piano alongside the accompanying bass, drums, and guitars.

Turning to a folk and country blend she gently strolls across the piano while angelically singing “Doppelganger Angel.” Drums have been placed close to the front of the soundstage while vocals float spiritually across the stereo field. Gordon has an Iris DeMent and Shawn Colvin crossover blend to her vocals that warmly provides a sense of being at home while listening. For me, this song brings in the feeling of someone watching over me and being a part of my life.

The third track “Emotional Pirate” offers a depth of field with the piano and vocals bathed in reverberation delivering distance in the mix. I sense the uncertainty and hesitation of the story from Hell’s Kitchen as the rich base holds down the bottom. There is a wonderful loose snap of the snare that fills in nicely as guitars arpeggiate further off in the distance. Gordon organizes her songs expertly into a format customary in the early days of rock with verses, choruses, and a bridge on this folk infused piece.

The country girl comes out on “Big City Lights” with a country-blues shuffle as Gordon describes heading off to those big city lights. Hitting it hard on this tune, the band is on fire with jangly guitars and punchy drums. Gordon’s vocals soar as she belts out and repeats the lyrics to emphasize the story, arranging the song with multiple bridges that continue to engage and excite the listening experience. These finishing details of her extraordinary stylistic writing make this one of the finest songs on the album.

I am comforted by the air of melodic familiarity across the various songs, which particularly struck me on the “Bravest One” with its folk style gentle musicianship that flows across the stereo field. The nuance of Gordon’s vocals brings out the ethereal connection that is embellished by the organ. I can really feel her wrapping her arms caringly around the bravest one.

“Laredo Slim” is performed in waltz time with a hint of traditional folk blended into the Americana country style. I especially am enthralled with the openness of the acoustic upright bass plus the spaciousness given to the guitars and keyboards that spread from left to right. What makes this entire piece for me is the background vocals that harmonize so well with Gordon’s lead. There is a real looseness to the song that allows one to gently sway while being carried forward.

“Who the Hell Does She Think She Is?” really grabs listeners with an insistent rhythmic beat and crunchy guitar work. Dynamics are elevated from gentle side stick hits on the rim of the snare up to heavy hitting drums, along with an organ part that fiercely sits under zesty guitar licks while Gordon’s vocals rise over top of the band. One can easily feel the tension described so vividly in the lyrics and accentuated by the edgy guitar licks.

The album ends with a beautiful ballot titled “Tender Hearts.” Featuring Gordon’s acoustic piano playing and lovely vocals that opens up into the full band embellishing the peace. The subtleties of the piano are reflective of a very natural sound heard on these recordings, giving an overall sense of being present with the group.

From the start to finish Soul of a Showgirl is a remarkable album that I strongly recommend for fans of Americana, country, and folk fans. It is a very well recorded and delicately produced album that is a delight to listen to.

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