Kyra Gordon captivates and glows with her latest track Burn It Down. Tony Award-winning actor, rapper, and songwriter Daveed Diggs praises the song for its infectious energy that makes you want to “blare it in the car, windows rolled down, singing at the top of your lungs.” This latest release showcases Gordon’s dynamic and potent vocal abilities, affirming her remarkable range and talent.

Released via Starita Records, Burn It Down is a genre-defying gem by the singer-songwriter known for her captivating storytelling and soul-stirring performances. Tracy Nelson, the legendary American country and blues singer, sums up the sentiment around Gordon’s latest offering with a simple yet profound observation: “As usual, Kyra burns it up. Yin Yang.”

Gordon’s journey in the music industry has been marked by her unique ability to blend various musical styles, creating her own signature sound. With Americana twang, Burn It Down weaves together country, folk, and rock influences, presenting a modern-day anthem of liberation and empowerment. The song tells the story of a woman breaking free from a troubling relationship, echoing the fierce spirit of Miranda Lambert with Gordon’s raw and soulful vocal delivery.

This track is a bold departure from Gordon’s jazz-focused roots, signaling a new direction towards alternative country. Inspired by the personal experiences of her close friends, Gordon crafts a narrative that transcends the typical revenge song trope, offering instead a tale of determination and rebirth. Collaborating with producer Rachel Efron, Gordon found the perfect balance in the song’s lyrics between anger, grief, and unwavering strength.


Photo by Cherlyn Wagner

She shares, “Rachel (Efron, producer) and I talked a lot about the evolution of this song, and it took me a while to find the right balance in the lyrics of anger, grief, and determination. We started talking about the genre of country revenge songs, and that helped me realize that I didn’t want the character in the song to be just angry at ‘him,’ but that she was in a real state of determination and rebirth as well, and that felt really important to me.”

Efron, returning from their successful partnership on Gordon’s debut album Soul Of A Showgirl, brought a fresh perspective that allowed Gordon to explore new vocal techniques and emotional depths. Burn It Down features a blend of “chimey” guitars and distinctive beats, all harmonizing to highlight Gordon’s dynamic voice. The chorus, “Burn it down, burn it down, in my own wedding gown, open eyes, still alive, blood and bone,” is a powerful call to resilience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

This song sets the stage for Gordon’s forthcoming EP, Traveler, anticipated to drop in June 2024, hinting at the further development of her distinctive musical style and narrative skill. The skilled group of musicians and engineers involved in the creation of Burn It Down guarantees that each melody and verse resonates with the emotional depth and intensity intended.

Burn It Down serves as an anthem for women everywhere who have decided they deserve better and are ready to claim it. Kyra Gordon, through her evocative lyrics and compelling melodies, invites her audience to feel their power and embrace their own stories of determination and renewal.

 7 February 2024

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