Kyra Gordon makes revenge sound fun in her latest track “Burn It Down,” recorded with producer Rachel Efron and released on Starita Records. She blends Americana and classic, female-led country throughout the song, showcasing not only her powerhouse vocals but her writing abilities.

Gordon is known for her live work, particularly her “House Concert” series. Her previous, jazz-centric work (Soul of a Showgirl) holds the same confidence of her upcoming project Traveler, with a different sound. Efron worked with Gordon on both projects, but finds “Burn It Down” to be particularly special. Gordon says, “We started talking about the genre of country revenge songs, and that helped me realize that I didn’t want the character in the song to be just angry at ‘him,’ but that she was in a real state of determination and rebirth as well, and that felt really important to me.”

Burn It Down’ was more aggressive than anything we’d done before,” Efron shares. “It meant she got to explore a new vocal approach — direct and unprettied. I love how Kyra’s fighting spirit and sweet heart comes through in this song.”